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“Janine is diligent, exacting and thorough in her work, but more importantly, she is an effective facilitator. She cares and communicates well with clients, and she skillfully observes any issues at hand and brings together those with differing perspectives to consider all options to obtain common ground.”

– Carolyn Heyder, Real Estate Company Board Member and Trustee

“Janine is a great presenter, so easy to understand and she uses real life experiences that I could relate to.”   

– Anahi Rincon, Enlace Comunitario

“You are attentive, informed, and supportive.”  

 – Shelly Moeller, Program Planner & Evaluator at M&O Consulting

“Thank you sooo much Janine for helping us

meditate and leading us in many deep conversations!

I am very grateful and you taught me a lot about healthy stress

and how to handle unhealthy stress.” 

 – D. B., Student at Mandela International Magnet School 

“Janine did awesome.

She is so patient and friendly. 

She made me feel comfortable and respected.

I look forward to taking another course in person.”  

 – Gabriela Vasquez, Community Educator, Enlace Comunitario

“I want to thank you for telling me about the idea of being grounded

and always remembering my feet are on the ground.

You’re a very kind and well rounded woman.” 


 – R. G., Student at Mandela International Magnet School


“You are talented.”   


– Dawn MacDonald, MSW, RSW, cofounder of The Mindfulness and Well Being Consultancy, Inc


"Through her instruction and experiential guidance, Janine's particular way of working the Mindful Self-Compassion course material-offered in such a vibrant and direct way-made it easy to apply MSC in my daily life.  Weaving MSC into my days has been a big support by not only softening my inner critic but also leading to more fully embracing myself."

 – Sharon Barb OConnor



“Thank you for teaching me how to distinguish my skills with meditating,

teaching me new skills for when I need some mindfulness.

I really appreciate your kind words and open ears.” 


 – N. V. W., Student at Mandela International Magnet School

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