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"Effective change begins with opening to where you are and working from there—in the present, in reality."

Coach + Facilitator Janine Johnston


AWARENESS-curiosity allowing one to let go

of assumptions and approach the inner and outer

world with inquisitiveness, freer of judgment. 

RESILIENCE-an ability to learn from and carry on in the midst of challenge.  

CLARITY-vision to see interactions, events, processes, as they are, unfiltered by distorted emotions and beliefs. And a resulting decisiveness of action from calm presence.  

COMPASSION-the capacity to remain centered in connection with understanding and kindness, in order to be able to be with what's challenging and move from empathy to action.

Cultivating these qualities is like

peeling back the layers of

an onion.

If you are looking for individual coaching or organizational level support, I am here to walk with you into a future more aligned with your vision, identity and core values.

Coaching + 

One-on-one coaching for professionals, parents and teens who are looking to define, refine, and reignite their vision and the ways that they are meeting their goals. Facilitation of programs for businesses, schools and organizations in empowerment, innovation, burnout mitigation, emotional intelligence, among other areas of alignment. 

Using awareness of what is going on in this moment to inform resilience in uncertainty, to gain clarity about core values and to engage oneself and others with compassion.


Vision, Identity, Values...Action Plan

Coaching provides a relational means of discovering the solutions you already know, but that you need a moment and some great questions to reveal.  Based on neuroscience, the coachee finds the way based on how the coach holds the space--an empowering process. You are ready to look at things with a new perspective, find novel solutions and I am ready to guide the process. 

Join me in
this adventure!


Who Do I Work With 

I work with those ready for a change.  In recent years I've worked with executives, employees emerging from the pandemic in mental health organizations, realtors, parents, teens and young adults.  


You have accomplished so much in life, and yet, you know there is more out there for you.  You've got the answers, you just need the time to think them through, while being listened to deeply.  With my background in mindfulness, mindful self-compassion and coaching, I know how to listen deeply, ask empowering questions and provide tools of resilience.  Let's get started. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 12.00.06 PM.png

In a coaching relationship—we explore

ways of creating real and lasting change. 

What is more valuable than that? 


Remember who you are.

Not the shape others have put on

you, not the story they handed you,

not the lies or needs that were

pressed into your psyche.

Not even your own imagined ideas

of what you should be.

But the real you, the wild innate you

that is breathing under all those

should be’s, all those untruths.

Remember the feel of it, the shape of

it. Let it inhabit you, like golden

weeds rewilding the concrete.

–Brigit Anna McNeill


UCLA-Trained Mindfulness Facilitator

International Mindfulness Teachers Association Certified

Mindful Self-Compassion Trained Teacher

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Trained

Trauma Resource Institute Trained Levels I and II

Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT)

MS: International Development Management

BA: Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology

BA: Spanish

Bilingual: English / Spanish

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