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 What we can feel, we can heal. 
What we resist, persists.

Compassion builds our capacity to feel, to move through, to strengthen our resilience. 


Are you ready for change? 

Maybe your relationship to your loved ones is not what you'd like it to be.

Perhaps you feel distant from employees, colleagues, your spouse, your children. 

These days when difficult things happen, you may be thinking--How can I handle one more thing? 

Do you lie awake at night ruminating about what you've done, wishing you could do it differently.

Maybe you lose sleep anticipating what is coming up, exploring worst case scenarios.

More frequently than you'd like you find yourself distracted, when your presence is most needed, caught in thought loops.

Are you noticing your kids are growing up and you see the window to influence their lives, to experience their preciousness is narrowing rapidly.

And sometimes, it feels like you are your own worst enemy.

Sometimes, it feels like you gave all you had to give at work, to the kids, to others, and there's nothing left.

You know there is another way...

We often focus on our relationship to others.  Dreaming about being more of what others think we should be but coming up short as compared to this image we project. And we are often waiting for others to read our minds--to provide us with what we need--but again, they don't get our recipe down. 

What if, you could relate to yourself in a new way--not selfishly, not narcisistically, not weakly,  not complacently--but rather as your own best friend: strong, caring, wise, with clear boundaries and a sixth sense for how to create inner peace? I support you in exploring this relationship with yourself through coaching and mindful self-compassion. 


Mindful Self-Compassion + Coaching

Becoming aware of the relationship you may have with yourself and learning to relate differently is life changing.  As a professional,  a parent,  a teen, you can learn to cultivate a new internal environment where you meet your own needs and in doing so, you show up for others differently.  With coaching, experiencing a warm presence that believes in your capacity to find your own best solutions, you practice that inner relationship, grow your capacity for inner compassion and thus outer compassion.

JJanine Johnston: Coach +
Mindful Self Compassion
Trained Teacher


Join me in
this adventure!


Who Do I Work With 

I work with anyone ready for a change and anyone willing to explore, shift into a growth mindset, and to show up regularly. 


In recent years I've worked with executives, employees of mental health organizations, realtors, parents, teens and young adults.  And I will work with you, if you are truly ready for change.  

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 12.00.06 PM.png

Solutions Focused, Resourceful Coaching 

Mindful Self-Compassion


 Building Lifelong Skills

with which to Thrive:

 relating to self with more warmth and

reflecting inner warmth

to all aspects of your life.


Remember who you are.

Not the shape others have put on

you, not the story they handed you,

not the lies or needs that were

pressed into your psyche.

Not even your own imagined ideas

of what you should be.

But the real you, the wild innate you

that is breathing under all those

should be’s, all those untruths.

Remember the feel of it, the shape of

it. Let it inhabit you, like golden

weeds rewilding the concrete.

–Brigit Anna McNeill


UCLA-Trained Mindfulness Facilitator

International Mindfulness Teachers Association Certified

Mindful Self-Compassion Trained Teacher

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Trained

Trauma Resource Institute Trained Levels I and II

Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT)

MS: International Development Management

BA: Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology

BA: Spanish

Bilingual: English / Spanish

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